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 Vela Girls (left to right): @Nohahamid @amiramertaban @theopenitinerary @amirakana @shahdbatal @libertydenied @noore @summeralbarcha @mariaalia @sara.catalina @savannahcperkins 

Before the VELA X BABBUTHEPAINTER launch party I decided to throw an intimate dinner party for the influencers and the girls that make up the Vela Team. I wanted to make the dinner party as personable to the guests as possible, with a dry sarcastic twist.(it woudnt be a party thrown by Marwa if comedy wasnt put into the theme) 

  • At every dinner party I throw I always make an effort to add humor into it, I got this amazing "cheers bitches" banner from amazon and ripped out the haram wine and tied to my black frame. It was a hit ;D 


DIY your own name settings (directions below)

For the name setting I wanted something that the guests can pick up and take away, my good friend Jomana from @MorderEid recommended a geometric marble name setting and I fell in love! 

  • DIY your own: You get a backsplash marble sheet from your local Home Depot found in the bathroom tile section, similar to this.  You take apart the pieces from the sheet and use a oil based metallic sharpie pen specific for wood and glass and pray that your calligraphy turns out good. (I have terrible handwriting so I asked my cousin Kothar to do it!)


  • The food theme was Mexican night, and not gonna lie I got the majority of help from my cousin Noor who has a tasty blog for her recipes and her famous corn tortilla soup will be up very soon! But for now heres my recipe for my famous Mango Guac Salsa dish thats ALWAYS a killer hit at any event!


- two ripe avocados

- red onions

- 1 can of corn

- slightly firm mangos (this gives it more of a tangy taste, if you want sweet then go for super ripe)

- black beans 

- one bunch of cilantro

- 3 limes

- 2 tsp of tapitio

- black pepper and salt

- one jalapeno 




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